Paws n' Sniff is owned and operated by Sarah Woodruff, certified nose work instructor (CNWI™) and competitor. Sarah and her rescue dog, Angie, started their nose work adventures in 2011. After dabbling in a number of activities including Tricks, Rally and Agility, Sarah learned that Angie’s most favorite activity was using her nose. Sarah enrolled in the 2011 PA nose work camp to learn as much as she could about K9 Nose Work® to bring the information back to her friends. After her first camp experience, Sarah started a local practice group and has been teaching classes ever since.

Sarah and Angie have achieved their NACSW Elite-Champion title. At 13 years old, Angie is still having fun playing in the NACSW Element Specialty trials, Summit Trials and Performance Scent Dog Trials.

​Sarah currently teaches all levels of classes from Intro to Elite. Sarah is an NACSW ORT Certifying Official and Judge, an NACSW trial Certifying Official, a member of the NACSW trial staff, a Nose Work Camp instructor and a Performance Scent Dog (PSD) trial judge.

If you are interested in contacting Sarah for events or seminars please email